Tajikistan’s landscapes are amazing and unique. There are high mountain peaks, deep valleys, fast flowing rivers and unforgettable high-level desert that looks like the surface of the moon.

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  • Passport valid for at least three months longer than the validity of the requested e-visa.

Weather in Dushanbe

18 August
Clear day
19 August
Clear day
20 August
Clear day
21 August
Clear day
22 August
Clear day
23 August
Clear day
24 August
Clear day
  • Tajikistan dushanbe result


    Dushanbe is awash with shining palaces, green parks and modern facades. The city has been undergoing modernisation for the last 15 years to stand out from its Soviet past, meaning that you can be amazed by the largest teahouse and tallest flagpole in the world, for example.

    The best time to visit:

  • Tajikistan khujand result


    Khujand is the second biggest city in Tajikistan. The city is the wealthiest part of the country. You will be impressed by its mosque complex, bazaar, historical monuments and sparkling new statues.

    The best time to visit:
    from May to October

  • Tajikistan panjakent result


    Panjakent is an ancient city of Tajikistan, where tourists can see the ruins of an old city, the beautiful Rudaki Tomb and visit Panjakent bazaar, which has been in operation for the last thousand years

    The best time to visit:
    from May to October

Time and mobile connection

Tajikistan’s time difference with the UK is +4 hours. Tajikistan does not observe daylight saving time.

Your home phone company might charge you roaming fees, so check roaming rates with your mobile provider before travelling to Tajikistan, or buy a local SIM card.

Time in Dushanbe

Currency and purchases

The Tajikistani somoni is the official currency of the country. Currency can be easily changed at city exchange booths and at banks. ATMs are available in bigger towns.


Accommodation & car rental

There are hotels offering high-standards of accommodation in Tajikistan’s large tourist cities. Other cities might suggest Soviet-style hotels and private guesthouses with limited living standards.

Renting a car in Tajikistan can be difficult. It is better to book your car in advance from global rental providers.